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            Started in 2002, http://www.crein.org.cn is an industry website that can timely provide relevant professional services like new energy and renewable energy policies, technology communication, information transfer, market analysis, project exploration, enterprise service, e-commerce, etc.

            Focusing on practitioners of renewable energy field, this website covers a series of business segments, like publishing the latest international and domestic news on new energy and renewable energy, closely tracking edge technologies on renewable energy, fully interpreting related policies and events, deeply analyzing the market of renewable energy industry, promoting and demonstrating project, publishing supply-demand information, introducing enterprises and their products, etc.  


           Chinaenvironment.cn is a website platform dedicated to spreading professional information of global environmental protection. It cooperates with nearly 200 presses, communication organizations and institutions on environment, energy, commerce, finance to publish green information. By collecting and promoting latest selected information on policies, market, enterprise, products and services of environmental protection, energy resources, clean technology, it can provide various information and scientific decision-making references for professional users like senior managers, decision-makers, researchers who concern about Chinese market of green economy.  


           Eco-humanity Alliance (http://www.ecohumanity.org) is an environmental protection NGO that is dedicated to promote the balanced development of society, economy, and ecology. It always actively advocates the development philosophy of “learning from nature, returning to ecology, ecological world and harmonious humanity” ever since it was founded in 2010. Integrated think tank, network and research, this innovative cooperation platform is committed to promote research and innovative technology transfer on smart eco-city and sustainable development.


           “Environmental protection headline news” is an innovative recommend engine product that based on data mining. It is jointly developed by chinaenvironment.com and Chinese professional data search service provider Estar Online Company. Focused on the publication of environmental information, this platform deeply processes professional customized information that related to environmental protection industry, such as investment and financing, listed companies, project bidding, technology application, etc. Its data source covers over 250’000 professional websites globally. Its daily updates exceeds 10 million.  

           Developed on We-chat public platform, the public We-chat account --“Environmental protection headline news” that operated by chinaenvironment.com daily issues the latest green news worldwide. Since its operation on June 5, 2015, it has gained attention from over 50000 users. The reading quantity for its single issued article exceeded 2000.


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