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      Sino-Finn Eco-valley Design Competition


            The Sino-Finn Eco-valley Design Contest was hosted by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Committee. Chinaenvironment.com was entrusted to organize it.  Over 800 professional contributions from China, US, Singapore, Japan, etc. were received. Among which, 20 of them were selected with awards.

      Public Low-Carbon Science Popularization

            This low-carbon popularization was widely carried out by Internet special report, making and releasing free propaganda pamphlets to the public. Focused on the common sense of daily low-carbon science, active and direct comic style was used in this propaganda and education activity.  

      PM2.5 Science Popularization Salon



      * The exclusive Chinese media cooperation partner: CHINAENVIRONMENT.COM

      * Major Services:summit catering, official website, online broadcasting, media communication, enterprise cooperation

      * Summit Scale:China’s biggest conference for environmental scientists. More than 2000 experts of environmental field from over 30 countries and regions like China, US, EU, Japan and South Korea attended this summit.

      China International Environmental Protection Exhibition (CIEPEC)

      * Service Organization: CHINAENVIRONMENT.COM

      * Major Services: official website, Internet advertising, special report

      * Project Introduction:11 CIEPEC have been successfully held ever since it was first held in Beijing in 1986. Based on 25 years of experience, CIEPEC has become the biggest and most influential international exhibition with best quality in China. Chinaenvironment.com has successively serviced it for 8 years.  

      Beijing International Ecology Series Forum (2007-2009)


      * Entrusted Organization:CHINAENVIRONMENT.COM

      * Major Services:forum catering, official website, online broadcasting, media communication, enterprise cooperation

      * Forum scale:It is the most brand influential eco-city series forum of China. Focused on eco-city, smart environmental protection and low-carbon economy, this annual forum invites over 500 industry managers, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from 10 countries and regions such as China, US, Japan, South Korea, and Europe, etc.



            Eco-humanity Alliance Salon is the special series seminars that hosted by chinaenvironment.com and Eco-humanity Alliance - a Chinese professional environmental   protection organization. Focused on science, environmental protection and innovation, this salon built an exclusive communication platform for industry managers, researchers and entrepreneurs. By the end of December 2015, 90 sessions have been successfully held with over 2000 professional attendees. It is the most brand influential professional salon in China.  


      Green Finland the Homeland of Clean-tech Innovation

          In accordance with the national agreement framework on Sino-Finn clean-tech cooperation, Finnish government globally bid professional service vendor for Chinese marketing, in order to carry out Finnish government dominated biggest Finnish clean-tech promotion in China. Chinaenvironment.com alliance won the bid and provided a series of professional services for 13 months.





      Cooperation Organization

      * China Environmental Protection Industry Annual Report

        Industry Study

        Solid waste, water, investment, environmental protection enterprise

        Tsinghua University, Peking University

      * Sino-Finn Eco-valley Concept Planning



        Chinese Academy of Sciences, Finnish VTT

      * Shanxi Gujiao “12th Five-Year-Plan” on Low-carbon Development Planning


        12th Five-Year-Plan, Gujiao, Low-carbon development

        Development Research Center of the State Council

      * Ecohumanity bilingual journal



        Beijing Media

      * Chinese New Energy and Renewable Energy Industry News


        New Energy, Renewable Energy, Project

        Peking University

      * Beijing Mentougou Ecology Restoration

         Special Journal

        Mentougou, Ecology Restoration

        Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Media

      * Green Finland the Homeland of Cleantech Innovation

        Special Journal

        Finland, Clean-tech, Innovation, Enterprise

        Beijing Media

      * Public Low-Carbon Science Popularization Pamphlet


        Low-Carbon, Science Popularization

        Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau

      * Chinese Environment Protection NGO Directory


        Social service, Environmental Protection NGO, Non-profitable

        Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau

      * Sino-Finnish Eco-valley Contest Contributions Collection

        Special Journal

        Eco-valley, green architect, planning

        Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Committee

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